Dropping unexpected like a random act of violence or a guerilla raid, the dream team  of Yasiin Bey, dead prez and Mikeflo come with their Trayvon Martin protest song “Made You Die” over NaS/Salaam Remi‘s “Made You Look” beat. It’s every inch the musical weapon of the future that you might have imagined from the behind the scenes/preview trailer they leaked just about a month ago. Raise a lighter for this one. Or a fist.

“Now let’s put it all in perspective / befor the outrage burns out misdirected / What can we do so our community’s protected.”


  • AM

    Wow! That was amazing.

  • Marko-V

    Why can’t these artist take this same energy and put it in competition with mainstream acts and really challenge the way Black music is going? This mixtape song action and video is cool however its not active enough for me.

  • rodc

    Peep the message Zimmerman…got it?


  • The Soapbox Killer

    Thank You. I hate everything about this case from all sides, HOWEVER, this song is most necessary in a land of shit music and CNN. Thank You.

  • Loveland

    Yes Yes Y’all !

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