Video: Yasiin Bey, dead prez, & Mike Flo Preview "Made You Die" [Trayvon Martin Tribute]

Sh*t is getting serious. Yasiin Bey, dead prez and Mike Flo have joined forces to record one hell of a Trayvon Martin tribute over NaS' "Made You Look" beat--titled "Made You Die." What we get here is a sneak preview with some behind-the-scenes documentary footage of the in-studio recording process in New Orelans and interview with Yasiin and m1. To paraphrase m1's statement, this powerful track--even when its on background--speaks for itself. Forcefully. But even so, some of the things they say I think are worth putting down here:

Either we gonna fix this or...we gonna just agree to be slaves. - Yasiin Bey

We communicating. This the weapon; this the weapon Trayvon should have on him...but this the weapon Trayvon GOT. Real Talk. -m1

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