New Tigallo New Tigallo New Tigallo!! Check the official visuals for Phonte‘s Swiff D produced jam “Dance In The Reign.” Video directed by Kenneth Price. Charity Starts At Home is in stores now.


  • Jahi

    you have to be grown, seen some things, and appreciate lyrics from the heart to feel this. @Phonte, I love the way you started the track. It’s Bigger Than…

  • you are TRIPPIN if you not feeling this one. just saying.

  • EthanAllen

    Classic Phonte… If you cats haven’t done it yet please get this album. It’s just great music. One of the best releases last year period!

  • MicTheMessenger

    YES!!!! I was actually a little hurt when it didn’t make OKP’s list…I mean for real, i blasted this album front to back…

  • kidtruth

    All the literary references.. shit. I’m a novelist, I gotta love this. And Phonte has always been the shit… album buyin time…

  • all i can say is new tigallo new tigallo new tigallo

  • THANK YOU !!!

  • DEFone

    Wow! That was dope! That was classic to see 9th doin’ it big with Tig. This shit to me, is Legendary!! Charity Starts at Home is with out a doubt my top pick for 2011. Don’t sleep!

  • Matthew Rippey

    hmmm…. charity starts at home is tight, but where’s pig pooh (laugh to myself)

  • Matthew Rippey

    … especially when i’m by myself. ‘peter cotton-tail’… fuckin brilliant. not a dis, just late night, livin in china, postin. (& i been drinkin, smokin) i’m so far away from good good hiphop but i’m still listenin. phontigga is doin it. roots is doin it. kenrick lamar is doin it. big k.r.i.t. is doin it.

    and suddenly, i don’t feel by myself. sendin my love…


  • yup

    lyrics dope beat needs work too boring

    • Broda Kev

      ^^Are you serious “beat too BORING” ???? Nah nah man… stop playin’ !!!

  • You My Son

    Word!!! You not to get off topic, but I’ve never heard much from Orlando as far as Hip-Hop but that dude HAM is holding it down. I gotta salute dude because that joint “GHR” is tough.



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  • album of the year ( for grown folks)

  • The Roots 92

    Man, this song is really dope! Copped the album. Definitely one of the top albums of the year, right alongside Undun!

  • Broda Kev

    I mean… OKP you got Common’s album on the list… BUT you don’t have New Tigallo???? Dat’s some serious mess up!

  • sstretch


    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • M!ke

    was that 9th @ 1:00?!?! c’mon LB reunion now!!!

  • this is the album of the year. I was on the late bus to it.. got my ticket.. been ridin’!!!!!!!

    well, my album extra terrestrial brother is my album of the year but this is a close second!

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