While we and everyone else we know on the internets is on the topic of the king reemerging to claim his throne at performance venues all over Europe, there once was this album called Voodoo. And then there were performances. And then internets begat YouTubes, a place where you could find lost treasures like these shows from the Voodoo tour. Can we get a witness that these shows were fire? Take ’em to the bridge, D…

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  • Daleep aka Lady Red

    YAAAAAAAA! D you did it you did it !!! I know it was not easy, but you are more powerful and full of even More light than before. I would love to be your spiritual guide once again when your ready like we did on Voo doo tour. I knew and I prayed that you would do just what you are doing right now I just didnt know when I am so happy for your return . I am now a Kundalini Yoga teacher so I got chu this is Lady Red aka Daleep Kaur Khalsa big kiss and hug May God continue to surround you with love and light while the sharks of the business circle to find weakness in you to exploit. Show em D Show em aint NOTHING WEAK about YOU handle it my brotha I love you continued success in spirit 🙂 I am Here when your ready call anytime Peace Lady Red aka Daleep Kaur Khalsa on fb