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Video: D’Angelo Debuts “The Charade” & “Another Life” + “Space Oddity” Live

Video: D’Angelo Debuts “The Charade” & “Another Life” + “Space Oddity” Live

In addition to “Sugar DaddyD’Angelo debuted three other new songs at his live shows in Stockholm (and Copenhagen and Paris) over the last few days. The most arresting may be the vibey new age mindsex called “The Charade” (above) which really adds credence all the Prince comparisons that people who’ve seen the live show have been making–like, not just in terms of style but in terms of like, pop genius. The sitar-laden “Another Life” (below) will probably make more than a few October babies as well. And then there’s this amazing cover of Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie‘s “Space Oddity” he put down center-stage at Le Zenith in Paris. Which is like some Parisina concert promoter had an erotic dream involving Iman and Mikael Colombu and then woke up the next day and it was real. As reports filter in, we’re also seeing better footage of “Sugar Daddy” as well as a tight version of “Untitled” and other jams. The best part: more to come! (photo courtesy of Guillaume Bregeras // Bama)

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