The Roots teamed up with Bruce Springsteen and his legendary E Street Band for a live rendition of their signature jam “E Street Shuffle,” stretching it out into a afro-latin tinged jamarathon. That’s twice the legendary and all the drums, for those who are counting (and two late-night drummer bandleaders with ?uestlove and Max Weinstein going head to head, so to speak). In fact I can’t really think of a better living embodiment of the phrase “top billin” than this shit. What more can I say.


  • tom

    ah yes, the legendary Max WEINSTEIN?!

  • illtek

    The Root turned Springsteen OUT! Dope performance

  • Afrika need 2 watch u live

  • max weinberg

    thanks eddie!
    max weinberg

  • sstretch

    Electric performance by the BOSS and ROOTS.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323