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Video: Freeway Talks To The Breakfast Club

Freeway talks to the Breakfast Club

Freeway talks to The Breakfast Club–or more accurately, survives The Breakfast Club barrage of button-pushing questions, including: Where have you been? How’s your relationship with Jay-Z? Have you been to Barclay’s yet? How’s your relationship with Beanie Siegel? Have you spoke to Loon? Didn’t Cassidy rinse you a little something when you battled? Who would win in a battle between Cassidy and Meek Mill? How does your beard feel about not bein’ the #1 beard in hip-hop no more now that Rick Ross is on the set? Hit play to get the answer to these and other pressing questions of the day but spoiler alert: Free comes through unfazed, no lifeline, and then has the last laugh when it’s time to spit a hot 16, give or take 7 bars. Watch below to see what I mean.

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