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On March 29th, Erykah Badu hit the House of Blues in Chicago to perform her 2002 album Mama’s Gun in full. Backed by a large band, three backup singers and her MPC, Erykah ran through powerful versions of “Soldier” and “AD.” Check out high-quality video clips from the show below, courtesy of photographer Nunu Zomot.

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  • Downindixie

    This is why I hate going to concerts with my Black People. Because we always want sing instead of enjoy the concert. I can barely hear Erykah at all because of the damn crowd. SHUT THE FUCK UP SO WE CAN HEAR THE ARTIST!!!!! DAMN!!!!!

  • Lmao! I concur, black people love paying to go to a concert to hear themselves sing ….E Badu is still KILLING after all these years. I. Love. Her.

  • Blaq Majic

    @Downindixie [and all others that concur] 1) Don’t hate- it’s a disease. 2) If you ever spent the money to go see Erykah in concert you would know that she literally encourages audience participation & 3) You might want to consider that this recording is via a mobile device and not actual high quality audio recording equipment which has a lot to do with the sound… We have enough people hating black people – for whatever the reason. Just a thought.

    • Downindixie

      I’ve seen Erykah live. She didn’t do that here. Of coarse we were pissed because it took her an hour to get on stage. But if that’s a mobile device, we’re hearing what what that person in the audience was hearing.

  • jd

    What a stupid and closed minded thing to say. White people sing ALL THROUGH THE CONCERT! Asians do it. All races do it. You think it was just Black people at the show? How sad. Ever been to a Journey concert? Bon Jovi? Areosmith? Mumford and Sons? Obviously not. Stop it. Love yourself and your people a little more.

    • Downindixie

      What a stupid and self-righteous response. Oh I see, it’s okay to act a fool because the kid next door does it too. PULEEEEEZE!!!! I’m not talking about white kids, they’re not my concern. I’m talking about us. I don’t go to white concerts so I don’t care. My concern is MY RACE and my ability to enjoy the artist. This is simply a criticism. It’s funny how the moment we call each other out; we don’t “love ourselves”. If you’re too weak to take criticism of any kind, that’s a YOU problem. Get over yourself….

    • jd

      How do you miss the point twice?!? If you’ve ever been to an Erykah Badu concert, you would know she encourages people in the audience to sing. And what concert have you ever been to where people don’t sing along?!? If you are for the people then don’t throw sweeping generalizations out here. Who critizies Black people and get mad when Black people respond to the criticism in disagreement?

    • jd

      …And I apologize for calling your statement stupid. That was not cool on my part and I’m sorry for that.

    • Guest

      And I apologize or calling what you said stupid. That’s wasn’t cool at all. I’m sorry.

    • Downindixie

      I’m sorry for responding that way….we’re good.

      BE BLESSED!!!!

  • Pamela

    I sing in concerts and probably I always will. I get emotional and a DONT WANT TO HOLD MYSELF, and if i was a singer probably I would love people to sing along with me. The energy that flows around its just magical, we should all sing.