Watch Questlove Tell The Story Of Hip-Hop's Birth On 'Drunk History'
Watch Questlove Tell The Story Of Hip-Hop's Birth On 'Drunk History'
Source: Comedy Central

Watch Questlove Tell The Story Of Hip-Hop's Birth On 'Drunk History'

As one of, if not the, most knowledgable music fanatics out, it's only right that Questlove details the birth of hip-hop on Comedy Central's Drunk History.

WATCH: This Short Video On The Soulquarians And Their Legendary Musical Influence

Speaking with host Derek Waters, Questlove tells the story of hip-hop pioneer Theodore Livingston, better known as Grand Wizzard Theodore, and how he invented record scratching. As Quest gets progressively drunker, he then tells the stories of Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash, portrayed by O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Ice Cube’s son) and Method Man, respectively. The scene featuring Jackson as Kool Herc can be watched above.

Recently, an animated video on the history of the Soulquarians (the music collective founded by Quest, D'Angelo, James Poyser, and J Dilla) was released.

The six minute video tells the story of how the Soulquarians came about while Questlove and D'Angelo were working on the latter's next album, Voodoo, at Electric Lady Land. As the duo were working on the album, Quest then also moved recording of The Roots' album, Things Fall Apart, to Electric Lady.

Although the Soulquarians would go on to create gold and platinum records and work with the likes of Jill Scott, Bilal, and Slum Village, the collective came to an end following the release of a profile story on the group in the September 2000 issue of Vibe.

Initially, the story was just supposed to be on Quest. But being uncomfortable with the focus solely on him he brought the Soulquarians onboard too. Unfortunately, once the story came out, Quest started to receive calls from collaborators who took offense to the article suggesting that they worked for him.

"The Soulquarians shined brightest as a constellation, a legacy that will continue to burn long after their individual light is extinguished," a voiceover concludes the video with.