India Shawn Movin On Music Vidoe
India Shawn Movin On Music Vidoe
Photo Credit: YouTube

India Shawn Releases "Movin' On" Video Directed by Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak directs and stars in the visual which features an appearance by soul singer Kirby.

India Shawn has released the music video for her new single “Movin’ On” featuring Anderson .Paak

Directed by Anderson, the singer and producer chose to dive into what it’s like reflecting and shifting your life after a breakup. Shawn says that she initially had him in mind to direct the video so she reached out and he wrote a treatment for it which she ended up loving. “He had the vision for this song. He’s just so creative, the way his mind works,” Shawn said.  

India Shawn Anderson Paak Photo Credit: Epic Records

Shot on location in Los Angeles, the visual captures India enjoying moments with friends including soul singer Kirby, doing yoga and, saging her apartment. Anderson makes a few hilarious cameos throughout the clip: once as Shawn’s yoga instructor and again during a wedding reception scene. 

In an email before the release of the video, Shawn expressed what moving on means to her. “[It] looks different for everyone. For me, it was moving past a really bad breakup, fully letting it go from an empowered place,” she shared. “There's so much healing in letting go and moving forward into new possibilities.”

Shawn’s expansive sound is displayed on this single produced by D'Mile and also on “Not Too Deep” featuring 6LACK which also dropped this year. The video culminates the real-life experiences that happen as you’re coping with ending things with someone who isn’t deserving of taking up space in your life. In closing, India added she hopes her fans can relate to “Moving On” together and that’s not just for her. “I want us all to sing this one together. This is for all of us.”

Watch the “Movin' On” video below.