“He Has The Power To Do Something Really Cool” – RZA On Martin Shkreli’s Album Purchase

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By now, I suppose we’re all painfully aware of just how tragic this whole Once Upon A Time In Shaolin saga has been. In short, The Wu-Tang Clan‘s 1-of-1 album was purchased at auction by a real-life super villain BKA as pharma scum CEO, Martin Shkreli. Since then, attempts at retrieval have been posed and rejected (both with and without the assistance of Bill “Groundhogs Day Ghostbustin’-ass” Murray”,) which has only compounded the injury.

Outside of a few back-and-forths in the Twittersphere, Wu-Tang’s head honcho, RZA, has yet to truly sound-off on the project’s sale, whether in regards to its buyer’s identity or the nature of the deal and its contractual terms. A recent interview with Bloomberg has shed a bit of light on the situation, specifically, how and when the Wu-Tang figurehead came to know of his album buyer’s identity, what his thoughts are on the man that bumped up the cost of HIV medication an absolutely criminal 5,000%, and where he sees this madness ending. Through it all, RZA appears to remain optimistic that Shkreli can make good of this situation, but the jury’s still out on whether the Lex Luthor of our time will use his purchasing powers for good or evil. Just don’t get your hopes up.

Watch RZA’s full interview with Bloomberg below.

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