OKP TV: How Questlove Found J. Cole’s Phone



So most of us have learned of the miracle on the side of the highway by now. For those who have been under a rock or at least living away from the Twitterverse recently,
?uestlove found what turned out to be J. Cole‘s iPhone during an emergency pit stop after a benefit in Montauk with The Roots. So ?uesto gets out of the monstrous celebrity van to help The Roots tour manager Tina Farris search for her phone and secretly search for his wallet. He finds his wallet and a brand new unlocked iPhone on the ground next to his bag. After a bit of rifling, the phone turned out to be the property of J. Cole. It’s magic! Or is it? While the world debated his powers, ?uesto took to the internet to reunite J. Cole with the lost device. Too bad J. Cole hasn’t been following ?uestlove on Twitter. He could’ve gotten it back already on some Monday delivery jawn. Oh well! He will get his phone eventually and all will be right with this Cole Cole world. Check the tweet that sparked the whole thing below. Scroll down for the full story from ?uestlove and OKP TV.

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