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Miguel Loves The Word ‘Moist,’ Doesn’t Like Pooping In Someone Else’s Home

Miguel Loves The Word ‘Moist,’ Doesn’t Like Pooping In Someone Else’s Home


Miguel will be embarking on a tour beginning next month but for now he’s taking it easy, releasing contributions from The Get Down soundtrack and taking the time talk about his love of ponchos and the word “moist.”

In a new segment for Pitchfork TV’s Over/Under, the R&B singer sat down to talk about a number of topics and it’s pretty hilarious.

The video begins with Miguel offering his thoughts on “moist,” and turns out that he doesn’t mind the word at all (so he’s not among the 20 percent of the population that find it displeasing to hear or say).

“Moist is underrated. So underrated,” Miguel says. “But I have home girls that can’t stand that word. It should be used more. It’s like the best cake is moist, you know what I mean?”

He then goes on to discuss hotel mini bars, where he talks about wanting a mini bar wherever he goes that’s also accompanied by a disco ball that hangs from a fishing pole.

And as for doing number two in someone else’s bathroom?

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“Underrated. I’m all about going to someone else’s house and blowing up the bathroom. All about it” Miguel says before quickly adding “No I’m not.”

Check out the video below where he also discusses his love for ponchos, being pro-gluten and more.


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