Killer Mike & El-P Provide The 'Meow The Jewels' Blueprint In Their "Paw-Cumentary"

Killer Mike & El-P Provide The 'Meow The Jewels' Blueprint In Their "Paw-Cumentary"

Meow The Jewels may not be the most conventional offering Killer Mike & EL-P have brought forth as the dynamic duo Run The Jewels, but you've gotta admit, it goes. And while much of the twosome's time has been spent blazing stages (and copious amounts of herbal refreshments) in the months since the record's release, Mike & Jaime have offered a bit of background and context to their feline sound freaking project in the form of a short and sweet "paw-cumentary," which tracks Meow The Jewels from its kush-kissed conception to its stone-cold-sober realization as a means of donating to the families of Eric Garner & Michael Brown, providing a timeline for each and every step in the process and some warm words from the team (who never actually thought it would gain any steam after its $40,000 introductory price.) So here's a blueprint for you aspiring hip-hop philanthropist of the world, broken down in intimate detail by the men themselves. Watch Killer Mike & El-P delve into how Meow The Jewels came to life in the clip below and catch them on the last few stops of what has been a grueling tour schedule throughout the year.

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Tour Dates:

Oct 30 @ The Warehouse Project – Manchester, Uk

Oct 31 @ Grande Halle de la Villette – Paris, France

Nov 21 @ Federal District - Mexico City, Mexico

Dec 30 @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center – Rosemont, IL