Macklemore & Oscar The Grouch Remix “Thrift Shop” On ‘Sesame Street’

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Macklemore & Oscar The Grouch Remix "Thrift Shop" On 'Sesame Street' #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

Macklemore and Oscar The Grouch made for a formidable pairing of dumpster divers, performing their own spin on Mack’s smash “Thrift Shop” on a recent episode of Sesame Streetadding a whole new level to the term “thrifting”. The unconventional duo peruse trash bins, flipping lids and birds — as only The Grouch could– in search of some new pieces to add to their already sizable collection, with Mack dressed as some sort of garbage pale grand wizard thing (top hat and all.)

With his first child on the way, it seems only fitting that the Seattle-bred MC will be able to show his kid that amongst all of the A-list acquaintances that he’s accumulated in his meteoric ascent, Oscar’s still a homey after all of these years. You can watch Macklemore and Oscar The Grouch perform a quirky flip of “Thrift Shop” on Sesame Street below. If you somehow dodged his crossover piece The Heist, go ahead and grab a copy on iTunes today. Hold tight, as we’re just about due for some new work or at least an announcement from Mack and partner Ryan Lewis imminently. Oh, wait.

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