Jamie XX Delivers A Stunning, Choir-Backed Live Performance Of “Loud Places”

Jamie XX Loud Places Le Grand Journal Live

Jamie XX Loud Places Live

The music that bears Jamie XX‘s name has so far been nocturnal, a shadowed pallet of cold tones best listened to in an apartment with no more than one other person present. But that’s beginning to steadily change, and on his brand new LP In Colour the 26 year-old Londoner embarks out into a much more vibrant soundscape, melding bits of house, ambient, grime, downtempo and soul music into one cohesive offering. In Colour is music made for an engaged life and all the joy, sorrow and uncertainty that goes with it; with it, XX takes us beyond our bedroom solitude and out into a chilly, beautiful dawn.

Perhaps no single track best exemplifies Jamie XX’s new work than “Loud Places”–four minutes of ascendent elctro that draws on the vocal and guitar talents of Romy Madley Croft, Jamie’s bandmate from his better-known act The XX. Equally as important to the track is its sampling of the late, great Idris Muhammad’s space-funk cut “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This.” Both those elements were in full force when XX brought “Loud Places” to French nightly talk show Le Grand Journal, performing the track live with assistance from Croft, fellow bandmate Oliver Sim and a sizable choir (which sung the Muhammad sample). Watch it below.

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