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Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla x Common – “Dooinit”

Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla x Common – “Dooinit”

House Shoes holding the Motown 12" of Rick James "Give It To Me Baby" sampled by J Dilla on Common's "Dooinit"

Once again, House Shoes dusts off his needles to break down a J Dilla beat–this time for Common – “Dooinit” off Like Water For Chocolate–as only he can: “What makes Jay the best is that he’s just the f**kin’ best.” Seriously, if you’re not up on this beat, Jay’s screw, chop & flip of Rick James‘ bassline off “Give It To Me Baby” (see the Motown promo-only 12″ above) might legitimately blow your mind. To quote Shoes again: “Sh*t is outta control.” And to quote Rick: “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” Watch below to get your beads pushed back.

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