Eric Andre Beatboxes On Action Bronson's 'Ancient Aliens'
Eric Andre Beatboxes On Action Bronson's 'Ancient Aliens'

Eric Andre Beatboxes On Action Bronson's 'Ancient Aliens' Show

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So, Action Bronson's Ancient Aliens series is nothing short of hilarious, with a random number of special guests coming thru to hang out with him and Big Body Bes. The first installment of the show found Schoolboy Q, Knxwledge and Alchemist joining Bronson and Bes on the couch to toke up and wax conspiracy. Following that was Tyler The Creator, whose straightedge demeanor against all of the pot smokers present made for a very entertaining episode.

And now, the latest episode features none other than Eric Andre. The Adult Swim star makes an appearance almost halfway through the episode, and introduces himself as Macy Gray.

From there, the show gets into how George Washington supposedly met with certain individuals called "Green Skins," with the entire episode centered around America's founding fathers, and the conspiracy theory that they all had a little extraterrestrial assistance in forming the country.

Andre then asks the gang (Bronson, Bes, Earl Sweatshirt, Knxwledge, Alchemist, Dirt Nast/Simon Rex and Too Short. That's right, Too Short) if they want to watch "2 Girls, 1 Cup," to which Bronson says "I've seen that 100 times." But the best part comes shortly after that, where Too Short gives a special performance of "Blow The Whistle," with Bronson serving as his hype man.

Unfortunately, Andre and Too Short leave, but the rest of the episode remains entertaining, with Bronson telling a story about how he used to hustle food from McDonald's at a fat camp he attended as a teenager back in the day. Supposedly Bronson lost his virginity to one of the counselors, and she would always buy him McDonald's but he'd sell it to the other kids.

"I would sell them $20 a McChicken, Big Macs, everything was $20," Bronson said. "And the king size Snickers was $50."

Needless to say, if you're looking for something to unwind to after a long week, definitely watch this.