First Look Friday: Duck Down's New Recruit Chelsea Reject Premiere's "Everything's Change" [Official Video] + Talks 'CMPLX'
First Look Friday: Duck Down's New Recruit Chelsea Reject Premiere's "Everything's Change" [Official Video] + Talks 'CMPLX'

First Look Friday: Duck Down's New Recruit Chelsea Reject Premiere's "Everything's Change" [Official Video] + Talks 'CMPLX'

First Look Friday: Duck Down's New Recruit Chelsea Reject Premiere's "Everything's Change" [Official Video] + Talks 'CMPLX'

photo by JAZZshoots

This summer Chelsea Reject--the newest recruit to the illustrious indie Duck Down records--teased us with her guest appearance at Buckshot & P-Money's album release show at Webster Hall. Later in the summer, she made another quick appearance with the release of her snippet video "Bam Bam," the very first formal introduction to her highly anticipated project, CMPLX. She caught our attention a 3rd time at Atlanta's recent A3C conference, sharing the stage at Duck Down's barbecue with the likes Tek & Steele and Jay Electronica. Now, at last, Chelsea Reject is prepared to take the spotlight in preparation of her official debut.

"Everything's Change" is the Reject's second single release from her upcoming project, and the video is nothing short of dope. Vibrant colors and trippy visual effects elevate simple performance shots into an more expansive visual interpretation of the Reject's lyrics. The psychedelic effect complements the song's introspective and yet cosmic themes, perfectly anchored by what sounds something like a radically screwed flip of Joe Sample's "In All My Wildest Dreams" (Think: Tupac's immortal g-funk ballad "Dear Mama").

We had the opportunity to speak with Chelsea Reject about the release of this video, the hype building around CMPLX--and what it's really like to be a Reject. Watch below and scroll down to get a proper intro to Chelsea and overstand the flipside of 'reject'-ion.

OKP: Before we really delve into all the things you have coming up, let's start by learning more about you. You've just introduced yourself as an artist, yet some people already describe you as a "conscious rapper"--how do you describe yourself?

Chelsea Reject: I see myself as an individual growing into her own. I wouldn’t say I’m all the way “conscious” but I do put my beliefs into my music. I believe in self-acceptance and being able to be yourself and be comfortable doing so. Who I am in my music is really who I am in real life. It’s an outlet of expression for me. I’m being myself, there is no gimmick.

OKP: You are Chelsea Reject...but at first glance, it seems that calling yourself a reject juxtaposes oddly with what we usually think it means to be an "artist." Traditionally, artists want to be heard, known, loved, accepted. Are you rejecting those desires? What is the meaning behind the name?

CR: Chelsea Reject was my name when I was heavy into the poetry scene. I don’t mean “reject” in a negative light or in any way am I trying to belittle myself. The 'reject' means to reject the idea of being someone you’re not. To “reject” trends and trying to fit in, you “accept” yourself for who you are. It took me a while to realize that I had to accept myself and really grow with the gifts I’ve been given. My goal is not to be praised, but to inspire people to follow their dreams no matter what their circumstances may be.

OKP: Even being a newly emerging artist, it seems like things are picking up for you really quickly. We hear that you're involved with some big name veterans on the Smokers Club Tour. Can you tell us more about that, how did you get involved with that?

CR:  The Smoker’s Club tour was an absolute zoo (in a good way of course). I was blessed to be able to get five dates on the tour with the likes of Mick Jenkins, B-Real, Berner, Method Man and Redman. I must say it was one of the most inspiring moments of my career. I grew up listening to Method Man, so being on the same bill as him was amazing. All of the acts were full of energy when they hit the stage. I got involved with the tour via Cinematic and Duck Down. It’s important to travel around and spread your music to new ears and different venues. I’ve got one more date on the tour (11/26 at The Best Buy Theater). I’m super pumped.