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Crate Diggers x Young Guru’s Vinyl Collection

Crate Diggers x Young Guru’s Vinyl Collection



Crate Diggers returns with a look at Young Guru‘s vinyl collection that digs into his musical influences. He takes us from his early roots in funk and soul to his love of rock drums and the band U2; the legendary Dubliners are a group of self-possessed artists that Guru considers great musicians and individuals. Young Guru goes on to detail his decision-making process as a DJ and his approach to digging for records – a process he says is least reliant on an encyclopedic knowledge of the minutiae of classic productions and the super-exclusive vinyl purchases that captivate the lives and wallets of many crate diggers. His stated goal is to continue digging – through digital catalogs and analog crates – and learning, fully aware that no one will ever truly own or know every piece of great music. Check the footage below to get the full scoop on Young Guru’s collection.


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