Crate Diggers Presents DJ House Shoes

Crate Diggers x DJ House Shoes' Collection

by karaslamb
April 03, 2013 4:57 PM


In the latest installment Crate Diggers spotlights the collection of DJ House Shoes – the official keeper of the Detroit hip-hop flame and a whole lot of dope vinyl. House Shoes opens the vault he calls home to give the world a peek at his vinyl stash for the FUSE series. The producer discusses everything from being first to break J Dilla during his record store days and witnessing Eminem‘s ascent, to his disdain for country music and selling off his extra vinyl in the club during DJ sets. Check the video for choice quotes and a handful of the musical gems that highlight his collection – stacks of vinyl and musical memorabilia housed in a room with no respect or space for hard drives crammed with mp3s. Peep game.

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