Black Milk Rocks Boiler Room London w/ DJ Lay

Black Milk Rocks A Debut Set For Boiler Room London

Black Milk Rocks A Debut Set In The UK For Boiler Room London.

Black Milk recently served up a hot and heavy set of beats and futuristic vibes on August 20th during his first ever Boiler Room set in London. DJ Lay also guested on the bill for Boiler Room’s An Evening With Black Milk. The live mix follows the recent release of Black Milk’s Glitches In The Break EP and his single entitled Detroit’s New Dance Show, which Boiler Room described as:

A glimpse into a new, more synthetic sound for Black Milk. However much of a departure it may be, Milk stays true to the traditional raw Detroit sound.

Check the footage below to watch Black Milk’s full set. Purchase the Glitches In The Break EP via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more from Black Milk.

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