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Big KRIT Talks Racism And "Plantation Weddings" On 'The Nightly Show'

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Apparently, "Plantation Weddings" are a thing, and this week MC Big KRIT stopped by The Nightly Show to discuss some Americans' penchant for hosting their nuptials at sites that once housed African slaves. In the segment, KRIT was a guest alongside actor Ed Helms, and both joined host Larry Wilmore alongside actor Ed Helms and Robin Thede.

Using the Confederate Flag and "other historical symbols in the South that maybe have stayed around for a little too long" as a jumping-off point, Wilmore noted that many of the most-beloved and picturesque wedding sites in states like Georgia and South Carolina were, in fact, built by slave labor. "Should we be mad at this?" Wilmore asked his panel. Just about everyone agreed.

"I was mad before I even saw those pictures," Helms noted. KRIT, for his part was clear in his where he stood on the issue. "Colonel Sanders's great-great niece has to be behind this," he smirked, not letting Wilmore for a second insinuate that it might not be such a terrible, deplorable thing. Watch the roundtable discussion below and, if you haven't already done so, pick up Big KRIT's 2014 Cadillactica LP on iTunes.