Hear Waajeed Blend The Sultry Classics Of Aaliyah & Barry White On This "Rock The Boat" Remix

Waajeed Blends Sultry Classics By Aaliyah & Barry White

Waajeed, one of the principal architects and long-time collaborators ofSlum Villagehas been curiously quiet over the last few years, touring the globe as a world-class DJ and just generally doing dope shit wherever it may be. The first many of us had heard from The Motor City renaissance man in ages was his contribution to the recently released J Dilla vocal album, The Diary, where Jeedo's touch could be found on the Nottz and Boogie-assisted "Fight Club."

Today, he resurfaces with a choice remix of Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat," blending Baby Girl's sultry 2002 classic with the sampledelic bones of Barry White's "Play Your Game, Baby" (formerly of Black Moon and Big Daddy Kane fame.) And though it may not seem like the most fitting mosh, the track -- commencing and capping with some XXX-rated notes -- should feel right at home at your next BBQ or even those twilight moments with the one you love. Stream Waajeed's steamy recalibration of Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat" down below and if you're looking for another rework of Aaliyah's work, jump back to heard OVO's dvsn take up the task with their own purple-crushed treatment of "One In A Million." These warmer days simply demand it.