Chance The Rapper Says He’s A Top Five All-Time Rapper

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Chance The Rapper Says He's A Top Five All-Time Rapper
Source: YouTube
Chance The Rapper Says He's A Top Five All-Time Rapper

Source: YouTube

The declaration came about when the Chicago rapper asked Ebro if he was included on his top 50 rappers list.

If you saw Ebro’s top 50 rappers list when he first shared it back on August 6, it didn’t include Chance The Rapper. Well, the Chicago rapper had to find out the hard way that he wasn’t included on the Hot 97 host’s list when he appeared at the radio station for an interview.

At one point during their conversation, Ebro brought up the top 50 rappers list trend that hit social media after The Brew Podcast shared a list that included Joe Budden in the top three spot. While discussing how divisive the lists were, Ebro is asked by Chance if he was on the radio host’s own list.

“Nah, you not top 50 yet,” Ebro said.

“What? I’m not top 50? Ni**a, I’m top five and I’m definitely not five,” Chance responded.

“I think you’re amazing as a rapper, I think you have a long career ahead of yourself. You are not, in my opinion, top 50, not yet,” Ebro replied.

Ebro then proceeded to say how A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip had an issue with his list as well.

Elsewhere during the interview, Ebro and Chance also talked about being married and having a new child, as well as the importance of his first child meeting his maternal grandmother prior to her death in 2015.

“I think God purposely had my baby born at a certain time so my mother could grieve in a way where she felt like she was also getting something in addition,” Chance said. “I feel like that was God giving her an opportunity to have something to be proud of and be happy in.”

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