T.I. Argued With A Comedian Over Sexual Assault Allegations

T.I. attended an Atlanta comedy show where a comic joked about his sexual assault allegations. The rapper took offense, interrupting the set.

The sexual assault case of Clifford “T.I.” Harris and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris has been dismissed, but on Monday night, it was the butt of an Atlanta comedian’s joke. During a stand-up show at Our Bar ATL, comic Lauren Knight referenced Harris’ allegations during her set, which prompted the rapper to interrupt her. On Tuesday, a clip from the incident went viral.

“There was no fucking crime. There is nothing to charge me for, or my wife,” Harris said, speaking over Knight. “Shut the fuck up for a second! Hey, listen. No, no, no. As many times as you joke on that shit, nigga, I’m gonna check your muthafuckin’ ass as long as it takes. Nigga, when you stop talking about it, when you stop playing with me and mine, I’ma stop saying something.”

Harris continued his rant, “Ain’t no muthafuckin’ case, ain’t never been no muthafuckin’ case. ’Cause I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing with me, nigga, I’m gon’ muthafuckin’ continue to confront you publicly, verbally.”

Attempting to put tension to rest, Knight retrieved the mic and said she didn’t believe the allegations.

“T.I. is innocent. I truly believe it,” she said. “Give it up for him. There are no charges.”

Despite Knight trying to dead the issue, Harris got angered, telling the comedian to “stop playing with” him. Knight got defensive, telling Harris and the audience that she was only doing her job as a stand-up comedian.

“This is not a rap battle. This is a muthafuckin’ comedy show,” Knight said. “And be clear, if I want to make jokes about something, I’ll make jokes about something. Absolutely. You’re not going to tell me to shut the fuck up in my shit. This is my shit. Let’s be very clear.”

Harris attempted to hug Knight, slyly snatching the mic from her and responding, “No, it’s not.”

On Tuesday, Knight went to Instagram to address the incident, saying that it started because T.I. was interrupting her.

“I’m talking about marriage and shit [and] he keeps cutting me off, telling me to ‘shut the fuck,’ calling me all kinds of bitchess—heckling me,” she said. “So, I’m like, ‘Alright, c’mon. Stop playing with me. It’s crazy, like you keep going and I can’t say nothing to you.’”

Knight added that the rapper told her to take off her wig, claiming that he was harassing her. To push back, Knight briefly brought up his sexual assault case.

“I said, ‘Alright, I’ll take my wig off when you speak on the allegations.’ Nobody was tight, except for him. Nobody called him a rapist. I responded to him telling me — in a room full of people — to rip my wig off, and made a joke just like he did. So if you gotta a problem with it, not mine.”

Following her initial Instagram post, Knight followed up with a video of Harris offering her a million dollars if she could prove that he called her a “bitch.” Knight did just that — in the second slide, Harris is seen in a video calling her the expletive.

On Wednesday, a seemingly peaceful Harris went to Instagram to promote Knight’s work, with a clip of the two on stage.

Last year, Los Angeles prosecutors declined to move forward with rape charge against T.I. and Tiny because the case fell outside the 10-year statute of limitations. In May 2021, Las Vegas police announced they weren’t moving forward with a sexual assault case that allegedly took place in 2010 because the statute of limitations was up.

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