Loud Records is Being Re-Launched With an All-New Roster

The new iteration of Loud Records is a purely independent label.

The label that gave legendary rap acts like the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, and Big Pun is making its return to the game. On Monday, Steve Rifkind re-launched the former industry titan Loud Records with a brand-new roster. This time around, the label is going full indie.

“We’re distributing ourselves,” Rifkind said. “Building our own platforms. What we do is a distribution deal, which could be 90/10, 85/15, 80/20, and then whatever services artists need, we add on.”

Rifkind is teaming up with Stanley “Citi” Atwater and Dana Biondi for the endeavor. Biondi currently manages the New Orleans duo $uicideBoy$. The new Loud Records clients will own their masters, and the label will provide additional services as needed.

“Radio is expensive,” Rifkind continued. “What we might do is, if one record is really starting to go, I can make a deal with any of the majors and say, ‘Hey, I’ll give you XYZ amount of money or I’ll give you XYZ amount of points.’ I’m only going to need radio at the Top 40 level. I’m not going to need it at the urban and crossover level; we’ll be able to do that ourselves.”

The label’s first pair of artists, Loui and Baby Fendi, hail from Atlanta. Loui will drop his first single, “Don’t Matter,” featuring Toosii, on October 2. Rifkind’s younger son Ryrif is also on the label’s roster. His debut, “Run It Up,” will arrive in November.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding the new-look Loud Records.

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