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‘Girls Room’ Screenwriter Unveils New Atlanta-Based Comedy Series ‘Sorry About That’

Sorry About That is a new comedy series starring Nina Lee, Zae Jordan and Javier Williams.

When we last checked in with Nina Lee, screenwriter of Girls Room she’d been in touch with Lena Waithe about the debacle that surfaced surrounding Waithe’s latest project

Now, the Atlanta-based creative has officially dropped the first episode of Sorry About That, a new comedy series. Created and written by Lee, Zae Jordan, Javier Jordan and the Antonino Brothers, the series follows Jay (Zae Jordan), an actor who moves to Atlanta from Zanesville, Ohio. He moves to pursue his acting dreams and looks to become famous without moving to Hollywood. Before he moves, his cousin Amelia (Lee) who currently goes to Spelman agrees to let him stay on her couch. Snoop (Javier Williams) also stars in the series. 


We watched the first episode and overall Sorry About That was pretty quirky, but it was also hilarious. It definitely gives off Atlanta vibes (we’re not mad at that). We feel that way since Jay is somewhat of a leader going through an existential crisis, he’s trying to figure things out for himself as he explores Atlanta. There’s room for growth in the series.

In our recent interview with Lee, she shared that she was currently working on creative projects. Her work is heavily influenced by Atlanta so it comes as no surprise that the series is set in the bustling Southern city. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with black web series, the Internet has been home to a plethora of content specifically made for black audiences. In 2011, Black & Sexy TV was launched as a free streaming brand by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch on YouTube. This launch led to the release of hit shows like Hello Cupid, Roomieloverfriend and That Guy

Black & Sexy TV set the precedence for current shows dedicated to the black experience on streaming platforms and cable television. After three years of free episodes on YouTube, the brand pivoted to a monthly paid subscription service. Thousands of viewers would tune into the series that were offered, reports Atlanta Black Star

Another example of success includes Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl (2011) which would eventually turn into HBO’s scripted series Insecure (2016). Before filming season one of Awkward Black Girl, Rae raised $50,000 via a Kickstarter campaign. 

Sorry About That could prove to be the latest phenomenon that takes off. Regardless, it’s refreshing that even during a pandemic, black creatives are creating and not sitting still. The series was fully funded by the creators and created outside of a studio system.

Episode one of the series aired on April 20, episode two premieres today, May 6 at 4:20 PST. A new episode arrives every other Wednesday.

Take a look at episode one of Sorry About That below. For more on the new series, head to their official website.


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