Freddie Gibbs Says That Joe Rogan Isn’t Racist But Wants Him to Not Use the N-Word

In a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Freddie Gibbs stopped by and discussed the host’s controversial use of the n-word.

For the second time, rapper Freddie Gibbs visited the The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This time he was alongside Brian Moses. During the conversation, Gibbs tackled Joe Rogan’s frequent use of the n-word. Like India.Arie, Gibbs was disgruntled with Rogan using the slur, but doesn’t think that he’s racist.

“You can’t say that shit, Joe,” Freddie said during the episode. “’Cause you pissed niggas off when you did that compilation. It was funny as fuck, though. I can’t even lie.”

Gibbs then added that after watching the compilation, he thought Rogan simply made a mistake.

“I don’t think you’re racist, my nigga,” Gibbs continued. “You my nigga, I fuck with you. I never thought you was a racist. I just thought you was saying some shit you shouldn’t have said and a lot of us niggas say some shit we shouldn’t say sometimes. It is what it is … That’s the thing, I wanna tell white people right now, y’all just gotta let us have that. Like, just let us have ‘nigga.’ We got it. It’s one thing, y’all already human trafficked us over here. Let us have that.”

In February, artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and David Crosby went after Rogan for COVID misinformation claims that he shared on JRE. In the recent podcast episode, Gibbs joked that although Young was outspoken about Rogan being anti-vax, he didn’t speak out against the host for using a racial slur.

After the video compilation of Rogan using the n-word was released, posted an apology video on Instagram saying that the clips were taken out of context.

“Whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say, ‘I’m not racist,’ you fucked up, and I clearly have fucked up,” he said.

Despite Rogan being in hot water, Spotify has opted not to cancel his podcast. In a 15-minute townhall speech last month, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek expressed that the platform doesn’t have editorial responsibility on what Rogan or his guests say on JRE.

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