Donnell Rawlings Watched Louis C.K.’s New Stand-Up with Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and a Room Full of “Trumpers”

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According to Rawlings, the embattled comedian is “in total control of the conversation” in his new hour.

If a recently announced tour is any indication, Louis C.K. is readying some semblance of a return this year. And Donnell Rawlings was one piece to a strange, yet somehow not entirely illogical, test group for the comedian’s new material, which inevitably addresses the charges of sexual abuse brought against him in 2017.

In a recent interview on Ebro in The Morning, Rawlings detailed an evening in Dayton, OH that began with a call from longtime collaborator and resident comedic legend, Dave Chappelle. And because there are no normal or even slightly boring accounts of a night out with Chappelle, it turns out both Chris Rock and the embattled comedian are in town as well. According to Rawlings, after a cup of coffee with the trio, they head to a room where Louis’ performing his latest hour of stand-up to a room full of “pretty much all ‘Trumpers'” (this is Ohio, after all.)

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Treading carefully and without revealing much at all about the content of the show, Rawlings does seem to be impressed with C.K.’s handling of the controversy surrounding his insisting to keep working. “I’m telling you that hour he has there, I was like ‘wow.'” He goes on to note C.K. appears to be in “total control of the conversation” throughout the set.

It seems important to note, most comedians use the road to sharpen their act for some sort of big or small screen deal. What you might see on the road might not be what lands in the special. But what studio’s taking a chance on Louis three years after detonating his career without some sort of apology marathon? Suppose we’ll see.

Watch Donnell Rawlings’ full Ebro in The Morning interview below. Head to the 19:00 mark for his story about the show.


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