Busta Rhymes Says He Has More Music With J Dilla Stashed Away

Busta Rhymes spoke about his new album, stashing music away, and more.

On Friday, Busta Rhymes dropped his tenth studio album, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God. In an interview with Vulture‘s Craig Jenkins, Busta spoke about the prophetic nature of his past albums, sitting on hundreds of unreleased tracks, and more. For fans of his work with J Dilla, in particular, Busta revealed there’s more in the vaults.

“You’re gonna get more shit from me and Dilla,” he said. “That’s a fact. You’re going to get a lot more shit from me and Swizz. You’re going to get a lot more shit from Nottz, DJ Scratch, Rockwilder, and me and [Dr. Dre.]”

Busta says he’s currently sitting on “about 868 records.” In fact, the first beat on the new album, “The Purge,” is originally from 2009. Taking a look back, he went into detail about the thought process behind the first Extinction Level Event, and whether he ever wants to tell the public “I told you so,” given the current state of affairs.

“I never do the “I told you so” thing,” he explained. “What I’m grateful for is the fact that I don’t look like I was just being a conspiracy theorist gone crazy anymore to those who might’ve thought that I was just overly fascinated with that…Having a crib at the World Trade, and living in Tribeca and Brooklyn right over the bridge from Manhattan, I always felt like, if I’m in the proximity of some shit happening for real, as far as my home is concerned, what would I do?…You can’t prepare for the worst if you don’t consider the possibility of shit actually happening. We don’t believe shit until it’s too late 99 percent of the time. That’s exactly our problem now, and it’s always been our problem.”

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