Wyoming Ranch Bans Rappers After Kanye West's 'ye' Listening Party
Wyoming Ranch Bans Rappers After Kanye West's 'ye' Listening Party
Source: Chris Rock

Rappers are Now Banned From the Wyoming Ranch Kanye West Held His Listening Party At

Source: Chris Rock

Kanye West left his mark on Wyoming

Kanye Westspent months in Wyoming, crafting his latest album, Ye. So it was only right that when it was time for the album listening party, it happened at the Diamond Cross Ranch in Moran, Wyoming, where Kanye created the album.

Is the Diamond Cross Ranch the new hot spot for rappers? It doesn't seem like it.

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Jane Golliher, the owner and operator of Diamond Cross Ranch, gave an interview to The Blast. During the interview, Golliher revealed that West’s Ye party was good exposure for the lodging company, but the party was the “most confusing” event they’ve ever done.

Golliher seemed to be annoyed by the fact that party was supposed to be inside the faculty, and over by 10 PM. However, Kanye's team moved it outside at the last minute, and the listening event didn't start until 9:30. This was tricky because Teton County has noise rules which require any sound after 10 PM to be kept under 80 decibels. Kanye's event reportedly went 120 decibels and over. At one point, Golliher's husband threatened to pull the power on the event.

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Golliher also said that she felt like they were undercharged, saying she should have charged $50,000 for the event. Golliher also said she wanted “no more rappers” at the ranch.

Kanye came, conquered, and left.

Source: The Blast

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