Weeknd 3
Weeknd 3
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Check Out The Weeknd's Disorienting Short Film For 'After Hours' Album

The album is set to be released on March 20th.

The Weeknd has returned with the latest chapter in his After Hours series. This time around, things get a little dark in a short film with no accompanying single. Stream the full video above.

Previous chapters of the series found the Toronto native staggering through Las Vegas in a daze. This time around, he closes out a performance with Jimmy Kimmel before hitting the streets of Los Angeles. For a brief moment, the scene is almost serene.

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Still nursing the wounds he suffered from a fight in the "Blinding Lights" video, he leaves Kimmel's studio and makes his way to a nearby metro station. From that point, things get progressively weirder.

He dons the XXL Goliath Vintage frames from the previous chapters and all of a sudden, loses control of his own body. He's possessed by an unseen force and dragged throughout the train station. An unsuspecting couple enters an elevator with him and is presumably met with their untimely demise. All in all, it's a trippy scene that we've come to expect from the artist known as Abel Tesfaye.

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Stay tuned for further chapters in the After Hours saga. The album is due for release in just over two weeks. In the meantime, stream "Blinding Lights" and "Heartless" on all major streaming platforms.


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