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'Swarm' Co-Creator Janine Nabers Thinks Beyoncé Has Seen the Show

Swarm co-creator Janine Nabers told Vulture that Beyoncé has possibly watched the show, which was partially influenced by her.

Swarm co-creator Janine Nabers guesses that Beyoncé might have watched the controversial show. In a recent interview with Vulture, Nabers detailed how she and fellow Swarm creator Donald Glover were able to get the Amazon Prime series off the ground. In the show, protagonist Andrea "Dre" Green (Dominique Fishback) has an obsession over her favorite singer, Ni'Jah (Ni'Rine S. Brown), which turns deadly obsessive.

"The legal stuff we did was very calculated, purposeful, and thoughtful," Nabers said. "If it happens, you can write about it. When things happen out in the world and you're a public person — legally, we're not lying."

Besides Glover, who co-voiced as Simba alongside Beyoncé's Nala in the 2019 The Lion King remake, singer and actress Chlöe Bailey is the Renaissance artist's protégé and an act on Parkwood Entertainment. With Swarm co-writer Malia Obama having met Beyoncé as a child, many associated with the series have been friendly with the multi-platinum recording artist, except Nabers. Since the fellow Houston native has not met Beyoncé, Nabers wrote the 32-time Grammy-winner a letter before Swarm premiered.

"I wrote her a letter basically being like, 'Yo, you're great. I love you. This is a show that we're working on. These are the people that are writing on it,'" Nabers recalled. "She's worked with a lot of the people who have worked on our show. It's a family."

Nabers added, "This is not a crusade to tear down anyone's reputation. I know it's extreme, and I know that our character is doing a lot of crazy shit, but this is a love letter to Black women."

Swarm, which was released to Amazon Prime last Friday (March 15), has received no public comment from Beyoncé.

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