Quelle Chris
Quelle Chris

Quelle Chris Looks For Answers From Above With "I Asked God"

A few weeks ago we were blessed with a new joint from emcee/producer Quelle Chris. Today, he hits us with one better. A new joint as well as a new album announcement. Quelle will be releasing the third edition of his 2Dirt4TV series with Innocent Country (if it’s anything like the first two, then this will be a must listen). The album will be entirely produced by Bay Area producer Chris Keys and will have features from Denmark Vessey, The Fiends, Fresh Daily, Cavalier, and more. Look for Innocent Country to drop on July 10th via Mello Music Group. Now on to the latest song, “I Asked God.” Listen as Quelle asks for answers from above before realizing the answers he seeks all are within. Says Quelle: "Often we turn to something or someone else. Asking, hoping and waiting for change. Be thankful for what’s around you, seen and unseen. Yet, never forget the power you hold within yourself.” Get the full Innocent Country track listing, below.

1. Freedom & Fear

2. Where the Wild Things Roam

3. We Want It Alive ft. Fresh Daily and Cavalier

4. Well Running Deep

5. Madness In The Oasis

6. The Ones to Watch

7. Nothing Moves

8. Murphy’s Law ft. Denmark Vessey

9. Drugfest TooThousandToo ft. The Fiends

10. The Plan ft. Denmark Vessey

11. The Mirror ft. Big Sen

12. I Asked God

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