Did Kanye and Nas Steal a Beat and an Album Cover From This Producer? The Architect Finally Speaks
Did Kanye and Nas Steal a Beat and an Album Cover From This Producer? The Architect Finally Speaks

There's Credible Evidence that Nas & Kanye West Jacked a Beat & Album Cover From Bay Area Producer The Architect

No idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun

Last October, Bay Area producerThe Architect released a project calledThe Architect x Nasty Nas (Remixes). On the mixtape, The Architect remixed ten classic Nas songs.

One of the tracks was a flip of "No Ideas Original." The Architect's version samples an obscure1974 song from Kourosh Yaghmaei called Gol-e Yakh.

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Eight months later Nas released his ninth studio album Nasir. One of the standouts was "Adam and Eve," a song that features the exact same sample, flipped in a similar fashion.

Listen to the similaritiesbelow:

Here's where things get more interesting: by now you're familiarwith theNasir album cover. It's a photo of a group of boys, with some holding guns. The photo was taken by journalistMary Ellen Mark. Nas tweeted out the cover the night of his album release party. But, just a couple of days before,The Architect and rapper Nowaahthe Flood dropped a projectcalledTrill Life Mathematics.

The cover for project features the exact same photo:

So what gives? Is this a coincidence or are Nas and Kanye West really intoBandcamp? The Architect talked to Complex about the matter.

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During the interview,It seemed like he was trying to be polite about all of this, while acknowledging that this was all really weird:

First of all, I like to think great minds think alike. I would like to say that first. Second of all, its very odd when lightning strikes in the same place two to three times. Keep in mind they were noticing [Nowaah the Flood] on Mass Appeal. He was being featured on there a lot. They know about him because he has been around for a while.

The Architect went on to say:

This is a new era of music where things like that can happen. We all have access to the internet with the picture and the record, I guess. I don't know. I obviously don't know Nas and I don't know Kanye West. I don't know if they have a team working on this stuff. I hate to go around accusing people of stuff. I kind of let the public run with that, you know what I mean?

At the end of the day I don't have any hard feelings. It could also be creative-type minds working alike. If anything, I would like to work with the guys and be running around with them instead. Usually things don't strike in the same place three times, but the internet is new. It's a weird situation.

Head to Complex and check out the entire interview.

Source: Complex

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