A 30-Foot-Tall Outkast Mural Has Been Erected In Atlanta
A 30-Foot-Tall Outkast Mural Has Been Erected In Atlanta
Source: JEKS

Watch Outkast Fans Get Quizzed About Outkast In Front Of The Outkast Mural

Source: 11Alive

And some of the questions weren't easy either.

Earlier this week it was reported that a mural dedicated to Atlanta's very own Outkast had popped up in the city.

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In celebration of the new mural, local news station 11Alive quizzed fans of the rap duo in front of the 30-foot-tall piece. Neima Abdulahi asked questions ranging from the basement where the pair recorded a lot of their original songs (the Dungeon) to having fans complete memorable lines and melodic parts from their music.

Needless to say, the fans did a good job, although many were stumped on Abdulahi's first question, where had fans try and complete a line from André 3000's verse in "Player's Ball."

The Outkast mural is inspired by a photo iconic hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion took of the group. JEKS, the creator of the mural, said that the plan was to always make a mural dedicated to the Atlanta rap duo but it was only solidified once Mannion agreed to collaborate. The mural has since been shared on social media, with Big Boi himself even posting about it on Instagram.

Recently, it was reported that Andre 3000 was working on a new album. However, Big Boi and Sleepy Browndismissed the rumor during an interview on Atlanta radio station MajicATL.

"Lies," Big Boi said, adding, "Dre, he was probably playing some music but he's not working on a record. He's been recording songs for years."

"He personally hit us and said, 'Look man, if I was gonna do that, y'all would be the first to know," Sleepy Brown added.

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