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Noname Candidly Reveals New Song "Rainforest" Is Dropping Soon

Noname took to Twitter to acknowledge she's unsure how to promote her upcoming single "Rainforest."

After taking a bit of a hiatus, rapper Noname revealed that she is set to drop new music soon. 

On Monday, the Chicago artist tweeted, “lmao i don’t even know how to promote myself as a rapper anymore.” She added, “my song Rainforest drops in a few weeks.”

When one social media user excitedly responded to her tweet sharing they’d be supporting her by buying merch, she responded by sharing that fans should instead support the book club. “i won’t be selling anything but you can support our efforts to send more books to incarcerated members of @NonameBooks subscription starts at $1/month.”

In recent months, the Chicago artist has been focusing on building the Noname Book Club. The club has risen in notoriety since its inception as it sheds light on authors of color. Books are also sent to incarcerated individuals on a monthly basis. 

It's been two years since Noname unveiled her critically acclaimed debut album Room 25. The cathartic release which has aged well features Noname's sharp songwriting and her views on politics, her woes, and much, much more.

"Rainforest" could point to her gearing up to drop her next album titled Factory Baby at some point in 2021 (according to her bio on Twitter). Nearly two years ago, she tweeted and deleted, she wanted to quit music after she releases Factory Baby since her "heart isn't fully in it anymore." We're keeping our fingers crossed that she continues her music career.

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