Futurnostro Rinse FM 39 Mixtape Cover
Futurnostro Rinse FM 39 Mixtape Cover

Mixtape Monday: J.Period & Black Thought's James Brown Birthday Tribute Mixtape World Premiere + More!

Ain't it funky, y'all. Welcome to another edition of Mixtape Monday, this one specially dedicated to the Godfather of Soul James Brown. And in celebration of the late great's birthday (true it was Sunday, but we digress) We're proud to bring you the world premiere of one of the grooviest sets we've ever heard. Yes, here for you is J. Period and Black Thought's live James Brown tribute mix.

Over 34 minutes of vintage JB cuts, Thought spits straight fire while sir Period chops and screws, jumping from break to break, jostling the guitar and horns just so. Beyond that funk we've got hip-hop gold, courtesy of Wicked's Gang Starr mix, some springtime bossa nova via Music Is My Sanctuary, a little African, a little more hip-hop and plenty of modern funk. Stick with us as we count it off--the week's about to get on the good foot.

Sunday marked what would have been James Brown's 82nd birthday, and while he may be gone from this world, the funk founding father's influence will last forever, especially over this thing we call hip-hop. To mark the legend's born day, tireless DJ don J. Period paired with Black Thought to turn out The Live Mixtape (James Brown Edition). Over J's seamless integrations of classic James cuts. Here's what the DJ himself had to say about it all:

For the latest installment in their amazing "Live Mixtape" series, J.PERIOD & Black Thought pay tribute to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, with an incredible feat: an entire mixtape, recorded LIVE onstage... in one take! With J.PERIOD on the decks juggling JB breaks and exclusive remixes, Black Thought breathes 35 minutes of nonstop lyrical fire, proving once again why he remains one of the greatest to ever touch a mic.

Exactly the sort of inventive one-of-a-kind-ness that we love to feature on Mixtape Monday, the duo's James tribute is fitting and funk as hell. Plus, you get to hear Thought drop the line "I got my ducks in a row / Aflac." So what are you waiting for? For all we owe James Brown some payback is in order, and listening to this one is the right way to go about it. Check the full tracklist and download link below.

Download here.


01 Man's World [Intro]

02 The Boss [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

03 Blues & Pants [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

04 Big Payback [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

05 Bring It Up_Manifest [Interlude]

06 Papa Don't Take No Mess [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

07 Blues & Pants [Interlude]

08 Hot Pants Road [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

09 Blow Your Head vs. Soul Pride [Interlude]

10 The Grunt [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

11 Funky Drummer_Cross The Tracks [Interlude]

12 Hot Pant's (I'm Comin) [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

13 I Know You Got Soul [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

14 Pass The Peas_No Joke [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

15 More Peas [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

16 Escape-Ism vs. Black Thought (Acapella)

17 Give It Up Turn It Loose [J.PERIOD Live Remix] feat Black Thought

18 White Doves At My Doorstep (Acapella)

19 Thought At Work [Live] feat Black Thought

As we mark the birthday of James Brown, we've also got to pour one more out for the anniversary of Guru's passing, which came and went last month. As a way of once more giving the MC legend is due, we're happy to showcase Wicked's new set of nothing but classic Gang Starr material. Relive the glory of their catalog for a short, sweet 20 minutes as Wicked homes in on the best moments of their entire catalog.

Get your recommended dose of futuristic beat sounds courtesy of Futuronostro, who stopped by Rinse FM to spin two hours of progressive hip-hop, r&b and suture soul. We're talking heavy Soulection-style vibes through and through as the trap hi-hats rattle over under and through smooth synths. This episode features work from Portugal's Raez Paris's ThomasFontana. Turn it on and get ready to drift all day and into the night.

The very good folks at RockersNYC, House of Marley, and Kinfolk were the masterminds behind this one. A live-recorded tour de force of breezy reggae essentials, the new "Strictly Lovers" set is a smooth-hewn mixtape just right for spring. Mixed by Rockers' Marcus Burrowes, it features Maxi Priest, Louisa Marks, The Cool Notes, Gregory Isaacs and many more, so big up yourself and get to listening.


Errol Dunkley - "Peek-A-Boo"

Louisa Marks - "6 Sixth Street"

Junior Tucker - "Some guys have all the luck"

June Lodge - "Someone loves you honey"

Pam Hall - "Perfidia"

Doreen Shaffer - "Sugar sugar"

UB40 - "The Way You Do The Things You Do"

Sanchez - "Lady In Red"

Shabba Ranks feat. Deborahe Glasgow - "Don't Test Me"

Wayne Wonder - "All This Time"

Maxi Priest - "Wild World"

Ghost - "Love You"

Blood Sisters - "Ring My Bell + One Blood Dub"

Dennis Brown - Stay At Home"

Gregory Isaacs - "Lonely Teardrops"

The Cool Notes - "My Tune"

Natural Mystics - "Telephone Line"

Junior Byles - "Curly Locks"

Tradition - "Rainy Day"

Inspired by the changing warm weather and dedicated to his mother, Lexis of Music is My Sanctuary has put together a brilliant and timely set, It Happens Every Spring, vol. 2.

A strong bossa nova and jazz tone dominates the set, which is a perfect fit for the brighter, longer days we've been experiencing. Cuts from Kris Bowers, Donald Byrd, Skyzoo and Bossa Electrica usher in an easiness, and an expert flip of Nujabes via some vintage Yusey Lateef really deserves its own point of praise. Here's what Lexis had to say about the mixtape:

As I explained in last year’s mix (link), surviving a Montreal is no joke: winters here average anywhere from -20 to -30, but the most painful part is that it last 5 months. Needless to say, Spring has a bit of extra magic to it when you’ve suffered so much for it.

When I sat down and started doing research for the spring mix last year I quickly realized how many spring-themed albums and songs there are. My focus with “IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING” is to try and capture the glorious feeling of opening up your windows and doors for the first time in months. To feature music that is powerful, spiritual and sometimes just fun stuff to have a bike ride to…

Last years’ mix had a more upbeat feel but this year it was impossible for me to replicate that vibe because of what i’ve been going through these past few months. This year’s mix features some cheerful songs as well as some sad ones too but all of them are beautiful and inspiring in their way. More importantly, it’s music that is helping me through some tough times.


Kris Bowers – Forever Spring

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – Tbilisi Sunset

Alys – Love Theme from The Robe

Nujabes – Feather

WinterMezo – Pianosolo (JB Kizomba Remix)

Leo’s Sunship – Give Me The Sunshine

Azymuth – Rico Suave Bossa Nova

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue

Platinum Pied Pipers – Open Your Eyes

Diggs Duke – The Pinnacle Of Class and Taste

Skyzoo – The Opener

Black Milk – Sunday’s Best

Masta Ace – Beautiful

Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (Madlib Remix)

Donald Byrd – Places And Spaces

Eugene Record – Here Comes The Sun

Bossa Eletrica – Sob A Luz Do Sol A

Los York´s – Cielo (Sunny)

Marius Cultier – Sunny

Irene Kral – You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Live)

Betty Carter – Open The Door

Elia Y Elizabeth – La Gran Ciudad

Angelillo & Hamel – Je Veux te Dire une Chanson

The Cyrkle – The Visit

Quartetto Cetra – Crapa Pelada

Elza Soares – Palmas no Portão

Mario Castro Neves – Nana

Nanda Manachi & Savia Andino – Camba Cusa

Olmalı Mı Olmamalı Mı – Bülent Ortaçgil

Witch – Jah Let The Sunshine

Brian Briggs – Aeo (Parts 1 & 2)

Photay – Illusion of Seclusion

Nils Frahm – Four Hands

Dimlite – Count Your Sunrises

John Wizards – Leuk

Barry Miles – Skeleton Dance

Steve Kuhn – The Meaning Of Love

The Blackbyrds – Mother & Son Bedroom Talk

Moondog – Speak of heaven

Build An Ark – Equipoise

Nitin Sawhney – Tides

Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Goldwrap

Quantic – Who Knows Featuring Kabir

Forward thinking selector sofie put forth the funk this month in a brand new installment of her SOS Radio series. Pulling out tasteful beats from all corners of the online universe, her set features Iman Omar's incredible flip of Pharrell's "That Girl," along with ample Knxwledge, Kay Franklin and a little mndsgn (more from him later). Sofie, a higher-up at Boiler Room, continues to show just how skilled her hand is. Take a moment to stop, listen and learn.


Side A:

sofie - if ever

knxwledge - lastdyme

iman omari - that girl [flip]

knxwledge - itsme[yuhluva]

sir - ignorance is bliss

yaya - yoko

knxwledge - mywordk[blurri]

kay franklin - from, the universe!

jay alpha - 64bit wrld

ras g & koreatown oddity - chuckles

knxwledge - wayifeel

kay franklin - yoursmile

mndsgn - bloombloom

nipple tapes - eof

demo - would u luv me

kay franklin - nvm

sneer - eyes for you

cry - just another case

Side B:

todd and terry - don’t fall

james pants - vit

/ dream girl

ahnnu - informant

bluntside /

/ swing low sweet chariot

walter wanderley - rain

pedro romeu - nkia sango uabakidi

filipe zau - revolucao guerreira

david ze - merengue s. antonio

shalamar - right in the socket (sos scru)

first love - things are not the same without you (sos scru)

lil mario & lil ron - swisher in the air (dj screw remix)

black rose & hainus - mind on me

doobie sisters - 4havingfun

keni burke - can’t get enough (do it all night)

witch - i’m coming back

paul wall, chamillionaire - sitting on 20s (dj screw remix)

dj spanish fly - dope game

todd rundgren - johnnee jingo

j rocc - love & music interlude

kleeer - break

kleeer - say you love me

erkin koray - karli daglar

aksu orkestrasi - bermuda seytan ucgeni

sofie - now to then

DJ Big Jacks has thrown down a finger-licking mix of throwback sample material--source material from rap gods you know (and some that you don't). Whether you're a true school Dilla disciple or a fan of the newest radio hits (no shame, we definitely get down to both), you'll find many an educational groove in his OG Recipe mix. Big Jacks has blended just the tiniest amount of rap material in over the old school cuts, creating a time traveling set The man himself describes it as such below:

Following up in a similar vibe of Big Jacks' highly acclaimed mixes, Originals 1.5 and Black Magic series, OG Recipe is the next step forward in the musical journey. Featuring samples used by the likes of Drake, Kanye, Jay Z, Dipset, Kendrick Lamar, Just Blaze, Dilla, Alchemist, Madlib, and so many others. All mixed, cut, and flipped by DJ Big Jacks (of the Grand Groove DJs). Take it in now and enjoy the flavour of the OG Recipe!

This one's a bit inventive. Gibbo took a question-and-answer approach to crafting a mixtape that blurs the lines between hip-hop and dubplate dancehall stylings. 13 times over he quizzes a dancehall icon on what their favorite hip-hop track may be, and then steps back as they spit over the beat. It's dubbed (pun intended) the Interview Mixtape, and packs beats from Kriss Kross, Eminem, Mobb Deep and more as the likes of Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps and Alkaline spit atop. Dig it.

Mndsgn stops by the Stones Throw podcast for a set full of inventive new beats, rare soul cuts and of course plenty of Method Man. It's got an airy West Coast vibe to it, which feels right on this bright spring Monday.

Afropunk is back with a new mixtape that's needed now perhaps more than ever. Full of rock, punk, hip-hop and much more, it's an aggressive response to aggressive times. If you need a bit of aural reassurance in the wake of news out of Baltimore (or Nepal, or Ferguson, or New York, or Texas for that matter), plug this in and turn it up.


01. Rough Francis - MSP2

02. Interlude: Malcolm X

03. Nubiyan Twist - Workhouse

04. Judith Hill - As Trains Go By

05. Interlude: Beauty Pill Interview (April 2015)

06. Beauty Pill - Drapetomania!

07. Cakes Da Killa - Serve It Up

08. Son Little - The River

09. Interlude: Saul Williams Interview (August 2013)

10. Saul Williams (ft. Emily Kokal) - Burundi

11. Afika Nx - New Years Revolution

12. Oshun - Brown

13. B Forrest (ft. Sam Trump) - Grown Child

14. SATE - Warrior

15. Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love

16. Interlude: Pe-Tehn Raighn Kem

17. Royal - Mr. President

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