SNL's Michael Che Seeks Rare Republican Minorities At The RNC w/ 'Trumpemon Go!'

SNL's Michael Che Seeks Rare Republican Minorities At The RNC w/ 'Trumpemon Go!'

Saturday Night Live may be on hiatus, but Michael Che and Weekend Update are still out here doing the good work. And at the Republican National Convention, no less! Taking to the floor of the whitest (and bat-shit-craziest) week-long party in America, Che heads out in search of the ultra-rare Republican minority with the assistance of the latest app craze, Trumpemon Go!.

Wouldn't ya know it, he actually manages to spot a few, and they don't appear to be paid props (though under further inspection, there's likely a way to determine whose cutting their checks.) The mythical "Cowbro" is spotted, and yes, even an Asian pops up at the convention (or a Hawaiian, as one woman woefully puts it.) In all seriousness, this is actually a pretty disturbing sight. Not only does it seem that Trump is literally paying for the perception of diversity within his historically non-inclusive party, but even those that do seem be in attendance of their own volition, look painfully out of sorts.

None of which is to say that there's anything wrong with a person of color identifying as a conservative. But the GOP's silence (and general fear-mongering) in the latest string of murders by police officers should speak volumes to how they view minorities in this country and abroad. Watch as Micheal Che takes on the RNC in the clip below.

h/t The Hollywood Reporter

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