Watch The Trailer For Michael Che's Netflix Special
Watch The Trailer For Michael Che's Netflix Special
Photo of Michael Che courtesy of Netflix.

Michael Che Tackles Legal Pot, Black Lives Matter In Netflix Special Teaser

Michael Che is prepping for the release of his stand up special for Netflix, and judging by a recently released teaser it is going to worth watching.

Titled Michael Che Matters, the special finds the Saturday Night Live comedian offering hilarious takes on a number of topical subjects such as Black Lives Matter, marijuana legalization, gun rights, Donald Trump and much, much more.

"There's a lot of tension in this country that needs to be addressed. Let's do it right now," begins Che in the minute long trailer.

The video then goes into a bit on the police violence that has been occurring throughout 2016.

"Blacks and cops aren't getting along, I don't know if you've seen the news in the past 400 years, but..." Che slyly remarks before continuing the joke.

"My brother's a cop actually. I only see him at Thanksgiving and even then I'm like 'I'm reaching for the potatoes.'"

But the best part of the trailer might very well be Che creating the perfect analogy for people that disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement.

"We can't even agree on Black Lives Matter. All lives matter," he sarcastically says before adding "That would be like if your wife came up to you and was like 'Do you love me?' And you were like 'Baby, I love everybody. What are you talking about?'"

Michael Che Matters will be available to stream on Netflix the day after Thanksgiving on November 25.

In other Che related news, the comedian (alongside Colin Jost) went in on Trump and the presidential election for their "Weekend Update" segment.

"Donald Trump made white guys feel special again. He spoke directly to them, he made eye contact, he gave them little hats. He made white guys feel pretty and strong. He's like their Beyoncé," Che said during a part of the bit.

Hopefully we will see even more of that in Michael Che Matters.

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