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Amir 'Loon' Muhadith Talks Relationship With Diddy, Prison Reform & More

Loon made his first public appearance after his release on The Breakfast Club.

Former Bad Boy Records member Loon recently made his first post-prison interview on The Breakfast Club. Loon, who legally changed his name to Amir Muhadith during his eight-year sentence, talked about his previous label homes, why he stopped making music, his relationship with Diddy, and more. Watch the full interview below.

When DJ Envy asked for a particular reason he left Bad Boy, Loon gave an understandable answer.

"I think that it was certain events that were taking place, professionally and personally," he said. "I believe that being in the presence of a person like Puff, Puff is a mogul. Puff has a huge impact on hip-hop and hip-hop history. So to come from up underneath that is almost like Mission: Impossible. It's very difficult for a person to give you your own identity when you're in the presence of somebody who's actually an artist himself. And that's where people misconstrued the conflict, or the issues that come out of Bad Boy."

Loon assured listeners that there's no animosity between he and his former label boss, despite their relationship deteriorating over the years. Diddy recently received a bit of backlash on social media after commenting on an Instagram post regarding his release.

"My relationship with Puff, we had great fun and we got along swell," he said. "But then some of the hiccups would come down to business. Especially business that's already mandated and confirmed." He welcomed the chance to repair that relationship, and said he has received messages from Diddy since his release. "It would be a whole new space for us," he said.

During the chat, he also revealed what the original lineup of hip-hop supergroup Harlem World was supposed to be.

"The group was supposed to consist of me, Big L, Cam'ron, Herb McGruff, and Mase," he explained. Outside of Loon, none of those rappers were a part of the group. "That's what definitely compelled me to want to sign on. But because of the relationship that Mase had with Herb and L at the time, it wasn't where it should have been. We had to go with the alternative which was Baby Stase, my man Blinky Blink, Meeno, and Huddy. So, that was supposed to be the segue from the Harlem World project Mase put out."

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