Hear an Entrancing Beyonce x Kaytranada Mash-Up Project
Hear an Entrancing Beyonce x Kaytranada Mash-Up Project

Hear an Entrancing Beyoncé and Kaytranada Mash-Up Project

A new mash-up tape blends the pop icon's hits with the dance-floor-friendly productions of a house-anchored beatmaker.

Though they've never officially linked in a studio or on-record, a new mash-up tape from Amorphous imagines the hypothetical sessions between Beyoncé and Kaytranada. The result is potent and ruthlessly neck-aching.

Released today on Bandcamp, the nine-track tape blends Kaytranada's Bubba instrumentals with hits spanning the entirety of the pop icon's career, including her cover of Maze and Frankie Beverly's time-and-BBQ-tested classic, "Before I Let Go." There's also a good grip of the singer's collaborative work featured. "Crazy In Love" meets Bubba's "10%," "Deja Vu" fits right into "Culture," and "Blow" collides with "The Worst In Me" in a sultry blaze. Of course, Kaytranada made it a very logical move for producers with the release of his sophomore album's instrumentals earlier this summer. And it'll be interesting to hear where other beatmakers take their respective Bubba edits in the weeks and months ahead.

Mash-up releases as a whole have dialed back a bit over the last few months. But if you're looking for other clever connections, a new project from DJ Critical Hype lined up a batch of ace André 3000 performances with instrumentals from Tyler, The Creator's 2019 album, IGOR. Here's hoping there's more on the way.

Hear Amorphous' entrancing Beyonce x Kaytranda mash-up project below. Head over to his Bandcamp page to comb through the producer's catalog of tapes.

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