Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'
Watch Jordan Peele Explain The Eight-Year Process Of Making 'Get Out'
Source: YouTube

Jordan Peele Explains How 'Us' And 'Get Out' Are Different And Why Horror Movies Are Important

Source: YouTube

In a new interview, Peele described Us as a "horror film without any caveats."

Jordan Peele's forthcoming new film Uswill be making its premiere at South by Southwest in March and the director has recently offered some more details on the inspiration behind the movie.

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Speaking with Empire via Pursue News, Peele discussed the differences between Us and 2017's acclaimed Get Out, as well as what sparked the idea of the former film.

Peele said that Us came about when he began "to follow the thread of 'we are our own enemy.'" When asked about the "we" he was referring to, Peele said that the movie is answering that question while adding: "I can’t say it’s not specifically about race, but I don’t want to go too deep into its meaning because it’s there for everybody to discover on their own."

He also described Us as a "horror film without any caveats," and although it does tackle race it also tackles how the movie industry views race.

"There hasn’t been a horror film about a black family, that I can remember. I think that’s an important thing to note. We have a lot of films in this genre where a family meets a monster, but the fact we’ve never seen a black family in that situation is a problem to me," Peele said. "There’s a presumption in the industry that if black people are the leads in a film it has to be in some way about race. I wanted to show that we can push past that."

And as for why he thinks the horror films are important, Peele had this to say: "They’re ways that we as a society face our fears. Personally, they serve as a way for me to acknowledge the dark thoughts floating inside of me."

The story can be read in its entirety in the latest issue of Empire.

H/T: Pursue News

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