Donald Glover Wakes Up Again And Again And Again In New "Atlanta" Trailer
Donald Glover Wakes Up Again And Again And Again In New "Atlanta" Trailer

Donald Glover Talks 'Community' Departure, 'Atlanta' & More

Donald Glover was recently a part of one of FX's panels at the Television Critics Association, using the opportunity to not only discuss his forthcoming television series Atlanta, but both past (Community) and present (Spider-Man: Homecoming) works, according to Deadline.

Atlanta finds Glover portraying Earnest "Earn" Marks, a loner who returns to ATL after a failed attempt to realize his artistic aspirations. Upon his arrival he discovers his cousin has become Atlanta’s hottest new rap act. Glover spoke about why he chose the Georgia city as the location for the show, stating:

"In Atlanta everybody has a philosophy, and some very active dialogue that happen about how things, are how things were, and how things should be. Also, the dynamics of the economy play out really well there, and you can see them very easily."

Atlanta will surely be a departure from Glover's acting days in Community, with the talented artist and actor describing the former as "Twin Peaks with rappers." When asked what he thinks fans will think of the forthcoming television series, Glover said:

"Some will be, 'Oh that's cool,' some will be 'Oh, I hate this thing. I don't get him.' [But] what was important to me is that this show was personal, and that it had a specific take, because that's all you can ask for in a show nowadays, having a specific POV."

Glover also took the time to address his departure from Community, saying that he opted out of the final season because he "just like endings," adding "I think everything should have death clauses in them. Humans have death clauses. Thank God, one day Trump is going to die. That's guaranteed. That's awesome."

And as for Homecoming he predictably couldn't offer any insight on his role in the movie, but did praise director Jon Watts and enjoyed working on the movie (which was also filmed in Atlanta).

"I had a really great time on that set," Glover said. "Jon's doing a really good job as a director. It was really fun to be home."

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