Dave Chappelle's 'The Midnight Miracle' Podcast Will Be Released on Vinyl
Dave Chappelle's 'The Midnight Miracle' Podcast Will Be Released on Vinyl
Source: Spotify/The Joe Rogan Experience

Dave Chappelle's 'The Midnight Miracle' Podcast Will Be Released on Vinyl

The comedian reveals his incoming podcast series The Midnight Miracle is getting a fairly unconventional release.

In case you missed it, Dave Chappelle returned to the bunker for another round of The Joe Rogan Experienceyesterday.

Marking his second appearance on the Spotify-exclusive podcast, the comedian chopped it up with Rogan for an unthinkable three-hours-plus, covering, as you could imagine, a ton of ground, including his beginnings as a stand-up comic in DC (sitting in the wings while legends like Martin Lawrence and Tommy Davidson leveled rooms,) starting his own comedy club, and being inspired by the ingenuity of Nollywood filmmakers.

Eventually, the conversation turned to his current projects, specifically The Midnight Miracle, an incoming podcast with Chappelle, yasiin bey, and Talib Kweli that was announced just a few weeks back. While he was reluctant to reveal the guests for his show, Chappelle did divulge a few details about The Midnight Miracle that will set it apart from most, if not all, other podcast series in the ether. When Rogan described the show as having a particularly high production value for a podcast, Chappelle revealed that to be a very intentional creative decision. "It’s dope. That’s why the shows are the duration that they are, so they can fit on sides of vinyl," the comedian noted, implying a box-set or series of vinyl releases was in the works, which, at least to this writer's knowledge, would be a first for the podcast format. Chappelle didn't announce a release date for the vinyl editions of The Midnight Miracle (which is still without a premiere date itself,) but did describe the show's creation as "a joyful experience."

"The whole concept, the genesis of the show is literally just us finding an excuse for us to be together. We never catch up as much as we should," Chappelle added.

Elsewhere in the interview, the comedian discusses the critical reception of his early comeback specials on Netflix, the time he went to see a Lenny Kravitz concert after smoking a joint with Sherman Hemsley, buying weed from Idris Elba when the British actor was still working the door at Caroline's, and the absolutely ridiculous gift Marlon Wayans once got him.

Watch and/or hear Dave Chappelle's full Joe Rogan Experience interview below. Hold tight for updates on the release of The Midnight Miracle in the days and weeks ahead.

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