Common Speaks On 'Selma,' The Oscars & His Pure Love Of Hip-Hop With Ebro & Hot97

Common On Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning Large

Common dropped by the Hot 97 studios yesterday, rightfully glowing from his historic win at the Oscars late last month. The Chicago Soulquarian spent a half hour with Ebro, Pete Rosenberg and Laura Stylez sharing thoughts on just what it felt like to perform "Glory" on stage with John Legend, and his commitment to keeping his MC name even as his acting status keeps rising.

But Common was clearly happy to bring the conversation back around to hip-hop. "I just love hip-hop, I love rhyming. I want to do this for as long as I can. I just love it," the MC said before dropping hints that he might be working on a new audio-visual project that blends new music with a short film, or even a Broadway theater production. "Yo, can we drink 40s again one day though?" Ebro joked after Common shared more of his lofty career goals, trying to bring the young OE-sipper back out of the Grammy-winner.

In later minutes we're treated to an inside look and which stars congratulated Common immediately after his win (you might be surprised), and Common comes off throughout the entire interview as a man composed, compassionate and in full control of his career. Watch the entire conversation below.

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