Two People Injured in Austin Explosion Near the End of SXSW
Two People Injured in Austin Explosion Near the End of SXSW

There Have Been Four Bombings in Austin, Texas Over the Last Month

What is happening in Austin?

Two men were injured in an explosion that occurred on Sunday night in Austin, Texas, right as the city's annual SXSW festival wrapped up. It's the third explosion to happen in Texas' capital.

And now authorities are wondering if there is a serial bomber on the loose.

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The big difference between this one and the previous three bombings was location; the previous three bombings were sent to people's personal homes. The two people who were injured were just walking down an Austin street.

Interim Austin police chief Brian Manley spoke about the change in tactic of the bomber (or bombers):

What we have seen now is a significant change from what appeared to be three very targeted attacks to what was, last night, an attack that would have hit a random victim that happened to walk by...So weve definitely seen a change in the method that this suspect is using.

Manly also said this bomb was set off by a tripwire. Because of this, authorities believe whoever was responsible had a higher level of sophistication, a higher level of skill.

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Reports say that the city is now on edge. This began on March 2nd, when a 39-year-old construction worker named Anthony Stephen House was killed when a bomb was delivered to his house:

The next explosion came when on March 12th, when a bomb was delivered to the home of 17-year-old high school student Draylen Mason. He was killed, and his mother was seriously injured:

The third explosion seriously injured a 75-year-old woman named Esperanza Herrera. Interestingly, the bomb was addressed to a different home than hers.

Source: Washington Post

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