Video: Jay Electronica X New Balance "Excellent Makers" - Okayplayer

Video: Jay Electronica X New Balance "Excellent Makers"

The brilliant and elusive Jay Elec is featured in this New Balance spot for their “Excellent Makers” series–which seems only appropriate because this dude is such a good rapper he even raps good when he is just talking regular. Seriously, they should use his description of the water cycle and the growth of orange trees (my transcription below) on NOVA–move over Neil Degrasse Tyson. Now all we need is a record label that can put excellent out on a CEE. DEE.

The sun draws the water up in a fine mist the nekkid eye can barely detect, it goes into a cloud, it gets carried (?) in gravitation, it bursts back onto the Earth, the flowers come up, the birds, the wind blows the seed across the thing and a orange tree raise up…it’s all creation.

spotted at 2DB

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