Kidaf in a still from the video for "Air Vent 2" produced by Shuko

In yet another example of the kind of foreign exchange (not to mention Player Xchange) we love to see happen around here, Okayplayer is proud to world-premiere the video for this transatlantic collabo from  Kidaf x Shuko. Kidaf is an 18-year old Hip hop artist hailing from Queens, New York heavily influenced by the greats of the “golden era” of hip-hop. Shuko (you may recall) is an ill producer of sparkly beats based in Germany. Together, Kidaf’s latter-day luchini flow and the instant classic beat combine to form a jam of the finest 90s Baby vintage.  The instrumental, by the way, is taken from the forthcoming Shuko instrumental album Sleepless. The original beat was created for a song entitled “Vanessa” and can be downloaded for free here. Watch for that and meanwhile, press play on the video below to see how Kidaf and crew get down in the streets. And the subways. And the fast food spots. And the…



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